Feb 18, 2013 / 15 notes

There is always a day that comes to pass where you are bored, brain-exhausted, and tired. On that day, you simply want to watch a movie. 

Any recommendations? 

The person that recommended the movie that I pick will get a personalized thank you note. 

  1. alltimebestfriend said: Princess diaries.
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    I was in a “I’m going to cry about my non-existant love life mood” so I chose The Holiday. Thanks, guys!
  3. fabiosn said: Not sure what you like, but maybe Before Sunrise? Also, check out Apocalypto, The Fountain and Waking Life. Any chance you would be the one doing the recommendations?
  4. wildeloquence said: midnight in paris
  5. kay-taaay said: Hot Fuzz
  6. ezekialmcadams said: Social Network
  7. wincherella said: We always watch Disney. Or how about Pitch Perfect.
  8. thatsillythingcalledlife said: the proposal
  9. corrinepait said: Elf! I know it’s a Christmas movie but it always puts me in a good mood.
  10. thursdays-at-the-coffeeshop said: The Young Victoria, The Help, Julie & Julia, The Holiday, The Wedding Singer. :)
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  12. wearglasses said: Lord of the rings is always good
  13. bakerstreetregular said: Close Encounters of the Third Kind